Testimonies of Healing

Knee Healed

July 20th

Healing of knee, peace, freedom; and mind has been very quick to respond to situation. Thank you Jesus!


April 18th

So far there have been 3 people saved and another person baptized with the Holy Spirit this month at the Healing Rooms!

Knee pain gone

March 29th

Received prayer for my knee because it was stiff and painful. I couldn’t walk well and the pain kept me awake at night. Through your prayers I found a good chiropractor; the pain and stiffness are almost totally gone and I can walk better again.

Torn Ligament Healed

March 29th

Needed healing for pain in my foot where previously torn a ligament in the arch. Was afraid I had torn something again or worse; might need surgery or a cast. Very difficult for me on the job I have. Had an MRI. No tear, only some strain in the structures; did not require surgery or cast at this point. Using my orthotics and believing God to keep me from needing further intervention.

Delivered from death wish

March 29th

At the Healing Rooms training; I was set free from the sin of pride in thinking that my opinion of myself was greater than God’s opinion. I had wanted to die and accepted deadly diseases as a death wish.

Much Progress

March 11th

There has been much progress in me these few weeks that I have been coming. There has been great progress in my physical healing and great breakthroughs related to old wounds and blockages to physical and spiritual healing.

Back Pain Gone

March 10th

Since you prayed for me I have not had any excruciating back pain in fact I haven’t used a heating pad pr medication at all. It’s almost like I know there is something there but yet it doesn’t hurt constantly.

Ankle Healed After Surgery

March 10th

Thanks for prayer. Just wanted you to know and to give PRAISE.  The Word of Knowledge God gave you about my ankle last weekend, at Greater Works Deliverance, was verified.  Today, My grand- daughter, age 8, Emma Grace, who has call of God on her life, and who encouraged me to drive to your meeting through the snow- looked at the incision on my ankle, and asked “Where did it go?”

My ankle is completely closed after one full month of painful drainage, following surgical removal of 5 screws and a metal plate on Jan 27.  Emma was amazed that the area is completely dry and closed up now. I told her of your Word of Knowledge and that one day she will be called to pray for others to be healed.

February 9th

Prayed over on 2/1/10. Fear has been lifted. After 3-4 years of sever depression (did continue to work) I feel free. I can pray again. I am walking in the Spirit again. Healed from a painful divorce & the past 8 years of holding onto the pain. Learning to see myself as a beautiful woman. Given a word of knowledge during prayer which the Lord had been working on in my life. Resting totally in God!

January 19th

I just got home from a prayer session and I am compelled to say to you…thank you for being here!  I thank God for your obedience to His leading with the Community Healing Rooms.  It seems every time I attend prayer in the Healing Rooms, God re-confirms the messages He has been speaking to me.  Not only are His messages to me re-confirmed but there always seems to be deeper information, more precise, & to the next level.  I need to say that I know it is God working through you guys and through the prayer team.  I am extremely blessed to receive the helping hands of loving brothers and sisters who pray…for they help to connect to our Heavenly Father.