stevebev2014-medSteve and Beverly Bubb are Pastors of Community Healing Rooms of Southeast Michigan. Having recently completed a six month sabbatical, the Lord has taken them through a time of personal healing and restoration. Now the Lord has released them to begin ministry afresh and anew.

Over the past ten years the Bubb’s have been seasoned by the Lord in healing ministry, deliverance/deep healing ministry, prayer and prophetic ministry. They have faithfully stood through many times of testing and know God through personal experience as healer, deliverer, Savior and provider.

Carrying the heart of the Father, many look to Steve as a safe and steady tower of wisdom and great faith. His counsel as a spiritual father is highly valued and sought out. To be around Steve is to encounter the steady security of the Father’s Presence and to experience His protective love surrounding them.

Bev is a worshipper at heart and moves in a strong prophetic anointing. The Lord frequently speaks through her to establish the identity of sons and daughters in the Father’s love, and to proclaim and release people into their God-given destinies, giftings and callings.

As a prophetic healer, Bev loves to minister deep-healing and deliverance through personal one-on-one appointments to discern and break the strongholds of the enemy and set captives free.

Married for nearly 40 years, Steve and Bev have three grown children and three grandchildren. They have resided in Michigan since 1995 and enjoy living in the Lakes area of Oakland County.